Hysteroscopic Endometrial Embryo Delivery (HEED)

Hysteroscopy embryo.JPGHysteroscopic endometrial embryo delivery (HEED) is a beneficial technique in increasing clinical pregnancy rates, especially in patients with repeated failed IVF-ET attempts. Due to the objective and replicable nature of the hysteroscopic procedure along with increased accuracy of placement of embryo(s), efforts in reducing multiple pregnancies should now be more focused on increasing our knowledge of selecting embryo(s) with high survival potential for embryo transfer. Ectopic pregnancies from IVF will be minimized by using lower transfer volumes of 5 μl and visually confirmed positional placement of embryos away from the uterinecornu. Ectopics are almost eliminated when using the SEED technique for blastocyst embryo transfer.

MM Kamrava 1 , L Tran 2 and JL Hall 3
1West Coast IVF Clinic, 2LA Center for Embryo Implantation, 3UCLA, the Geffen School of Medicine. USA

Full article: Hysteroscopy Newsletter


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