New Treatment submucous myomas

Uterine fibroids are considered the most common benign uterine tumor of the female genital tract. It is estimated that fibroids are present in 30% of women at age 35 and up to 70% in women 50 years old and older. From a hysteroscopic standpoint, submucosal fibroids are very important, representing between 5.5% and 16.6% of all fibroids. Symptoms that are most frequently associated with submucosal fibroids are abnormal menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain and infertility. The most effective treatment is hysteroscopic resection. The technique called “Resectoscopic slicing” continues to represent the gold standard for the treatment of submucosal fibroids.

In recent years there have been different alternatives to resectoscopic fibroid resection. These techniques are based on extracting the myoma after reducing it into small fragments (miniresector, morcellators and shaver) or destroying the myoma inside the uterine cavity (laser vaporization).

Recently, a group of researchers from the Autonomous University of Barcelona led by Dr. Haimovich has presented a prospective study, which has the potential to change the classic approach to this pathology in the coming years.

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