In office diagnostic hysteroscopy for beginners

The main goal during in office diagnostic hysteroscopy is to obtain a smooth access the uterine cavity, making a full assessment, in a way that the patient can tolerate the procedure with minimal discomfort. Here we will describe common everyday situations and provide some tips to improve your skills.

What is the best tolerated uterine access technique?

To access the uterine cavity by “vaginoscopy” without the use of a speculum allows not only to decrease the stimulation of the cervix, but also to perform a visual inspection of its entirely. We place the tip of the hysteroscope at the external os opening the outflow slowly distending the walls of the cervical canal adapting to its larger diameter.

To explain the procedure to the patient using simple words and informing her what she is going to perceive is essential to reduce anxiety and fear improving patient’s tolerance to the procedure.

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