High-performance disponsable tissue resector

Basic manual devices are cost-efective ans easy-to-use, but often lack speed, power, control, and effectiveness. Electromechanical system may improve speed and power for certain cases, but require costly capital equipement, complex set-up and expensive disponsables. Some electromechanical systems introduce new procedural risks that may
outweigh their benefit.

The RESECTR ia a single –use, non-powered, hand-held, and hand-manipulated system designed to combine the benefits of basic manual devices and electromechanical powered systems. Clinicians squeeze and release the handle with their fingers to actuate cutting speed and control. Improved control means physicians can perform tissue resection based on what they see and feel during the procedure.

RESECTRs are 100% disponsable , ship “ready-to-use”, and do not require new capital equipement, complex set-up, or service contacts to cut.The cost-effective RESECTR can also be used in a variety of clinical settings allowing physicians to “see-ans-treat” lesions in the hospital, clinic, surgery centre or office.

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