High-performance disponsable tissue resector Basic manual devices are cost-efective ans easy-to-use, but often lack speed, power, control, and effectiveness. Electromechanical system may improve speed and power for certain cases, but […]


Gynko Sheath

The new single-use sheath which makes diagnostic hysteroscopy of 3mm! Made of medical polyurethane plastic, the new cover GYNKO provides the gynecologist a useful tool to perform diagnostic hysteroscopy of […]

Gubbini Mini Hystero-Resectoscope

The Gubbini Mini Hystero-Resectoscope offers a multitude of options for non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutical Gynaecology. The Gubbini Mini Hystero-Resectoscope System allows both, hysteroscopy and resectoscopy with reduced diameter of the […]