The Intrauterine Bigatti Shaver (IBS®)

The IBS® consist of an angulated 6º telescope with a sheath and an extra working channel wherein a rigid shaver system is introduced. The inflow of the sheath is connected to a peristaltic pump in order to maintain distention and visualization inside the uterine cavity. The outflow of the system is not connected and only used for passive outflow.

The outer sheath diameter is 24 Fr. (8 mm). The rigid shaver system consists of two hollow reusable metal tubes fitting to each other. The inner tube oscillates within the outer tube and is connected to a hand-piece (Drillcut-X ), a motor unit (Unidrive SIII) and to a roller pump (Endomat), controlled by one foot pedal. The foot pedal activates the movements of the shaver tip and the roller pump’s aspiration at the same time, in order to maintain a continuous suction power of solution and tissue axial through the hollow blade during procedure.


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