The hysteroscope is the gynecologist’s stethoscope. How can we practice gynecology (by L. Bradley)

l. BradleyKeep your hysteroscope handy in your office at all times and ready to use. Don’t have one? Then advocate that your office or hospital purchase one. The investment in purchasing a hysteroscope is financially prudent. It pays itself off quickly. Haven’t been trained? Take a course. Get a mentor. Enroll in a preceptor program. Learn with a simulator. Hysteroscopy is much easier to learn than robotic surgery.

It’s been two centuries since hysteroscopy was invented. Our hysteroscopes are smaller, sleeker, flexible, affordable, and have excellent optics. Some are even disposable. Camera and video attachments allow us to capture images for the medical record. It’s time to add hysteroscopy, your stethoscope, to your procedural armamentarium.

Just do it !!


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