The vision of Osama Shawki regarding the application of Office Hysteroscopy in modern gynaecology

My dear friends, we have to face the unpleasant fact that gynaecologists are amongst the least technologically adept of medical specialties. If we look at Ophthalmology, ENT or even our neighbours – Dentists; all have now recruited cutting edge optics to their standard practice.

Office gynaecology equipment is still the same ancient, antiques used for the past hundred years with a shiny new lamp and electronic chair added. We are also the only specialty still performing blind sampling. As reported in multiple statistics, 100% of urologists are performing cystoscopy compared to only 15% of gynaecologists performing hysteroscopy.

It is high time for a revision and reassessment in the practice of gynaecology. Office hysteroscopy uses a diameter less than that of the uterine sound and utilizes high definition optics making it the most beneficial modern technology in practice. In my personal opinion, the equipment is very affordable but there are major pitfalls in equipment design and technology, which diminish enthusiasm for the procedure.

Our mission is to spread out proper training and reconstruction of equipment design to provide optimal easy practice and make it a standard procedure in every gynaecologist’s office.

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