Sushma Deshmukh and Hysteroscopy Newsletter

Sushma DeshmukhHysteroscopy has become a rewarding surgery nowadays because of the miraculous developments and research in endoscopic instruments. The gynaecologist should be well versed about it.

Hysteroscopy newsletter media is a wonderful source of information for the hysteroscopist to know what are the new happenings in the world and source of inspiration for the beginners. Along with this, hysteroscopy can be set and stepped up with the help of videos and work shops an academic presentations and publications.

To bring awareness to this amazing technology, I have organized the Nagpur Hysteroscopy Carnival – A national event in India in 2014 with Dr. Osama Shawki from Egypt. This year also I am organizing a conference “Uterus in Focus“ to be held on 9, 10 and 11 of December 2016.

This event will definitely try to fulfill the expectations about hysteroscopy. World known and respected hysteroscopist Dr. Osama Shawki is the brain behind this carnival. Along with him, other important expert hysteroscopists from our country will grace the carnival.


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