Microcolpohysteroscopy: Technique for the early diagnosis of cervical disease

Technique designed for the study of Cervical Pathology, developed through the colpomicroscope of Antoine and Grunberger in 1949 in Austria subsequently modified by Jacques Hamou in Paris France in 1980.


The original instrument is a 25 cm long endoscope, provided with a 90 degree angle lens, with 30 degree oblique panoramic visualization as contact at different magnifications, with a diameter of 4 mm with optional diagnostic external sheath of 5.2 mm diameter and an operative 7 mm sheath provided with a 5 French working channel. It comes with two eyepieces with four magnifications; in the axis of the optics is the direct eyepiece with magnifications for panoramic vision of 1X and colposcopic of 20X and of contact of 60X magnification. Another lateral eyepiece for cellular vision in vivo at 150X of magnification.

Currently, a 30 cm long endoscope is also available. With a single direct eyepiece with a panoramic view of 1X and an in vivo cell vision of 80X, with zoom it can reach up to 100X, with a diameter of 3 mm and a 4 mm diagnostic sleeve. This endoscope is frequently also used for hysteroscopy

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