Dysmorphic Uterus

The new classification system of Müllerian anomalies developed by the ESGE/ESHRE CONUTA working group has dedicated a specific interest to those uteri, named “dysmorphic”, characterized by a normal outline but […]

Fluid intra-vasation syndrome

The fluid intra-vasation syndrome, also known as Fluid Overload Syndrome, Intravascular Absorption Syndrome of Surgical Hysteroscopy (IAsSH) or Tur(p) Syndrome, is a terrible complication of resectoscopic surgery, which manifests itself […]



The inflammation of the cervix is divided into two categories according to the etiology causing the inflammation. Noninfectious endocervicitis originates from a mechanical or irritative cause, as occurs in patients […]



The surgical treatment of isthmocele aims to avoid retention of menstrual blood at the level of the defect, eliminating post-menstrual spotting pattern and its consequences. The hysteroscopic approach is a […]